I wish to go a wanderin’
A wanderin’ with you
What won’drous woods and wilderness
We’ll go a’trapising through
What kinds of creatures shall we see? 
A wanderin’, jus’ you an me? 
Birds and beasts from land and sea
While wanderin’ with you. 

We’ll wonder ‘pon a pond’rous man
His wide-brimmed hat held tall
We’ll sup amongst his heavy feet 
and find shade in his sprawl.
Proposing to depart us three
He’ll decline dispassionately, or
Perhaps it will have been that he
Did not notice us at all.

We’ll come across a serpent stretched
Basking in a glade
Neither head nor tail in sight
The world wrapped in its splay
And so finding the beast to be
Accepting of us docilely
We’ll climb upon its back and we
Will be upon our way. 

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Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

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