Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Eighth Session

1100 Wednesday, 4th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

After waiting a couple days, the games have begun in town. Brimbor participates in the Axe Pole-Climb and gets 7th place, and Hrothgar tries his hand at archery but does not place. An old mercenary captain named Mosley is impressed with Brimbor's performance and invites the party to join him and his company when they leave Helbald for the Midlands once the festival ends. He can be found at the Blue Leaf. Brimbor carouses.

1100 Thursday, 5th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Brimbor awakes in the morning naked in a pit trap somewhere in the wilderness. Next to him is the amazingly not dead Valiya Black, also naked. Two slack-jawed villagers are staring down at them. They exchange terse uncomfortable words, Valiya gets the hell out of dodge, and Brimbor makes his way back to town.

1200 Thursday, 5th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Hrothgar attempts to track Valiya down and makes some headway, but it seems she's heading away from civilization and is using scent-masking oils to boot. Brimbor gets 1st place in the Axe Long-Throw, and carouses with the help of free drinks.

1000 Friday, 6th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Hrothgar hears there might be a tiger in town, brought up from the southern jungles for use in the festival. He goes searching for it, trying to search by scent. Brimbor spends the day socializing. A weapons monger named Dassik approaches the party asking for help. A band of mercenaries has moved in to his shop while he was out of town and they're not leaving. He needs someone to clear them out. The party declines, but he's staying at the Salty Stone if they change their minds. Brimbor hears about a party of big-shot thieves/raiders called the "No-Names" who sneak into active dwarven holds and rob them, a feat which seems ludicrous. They are staying at The Ongvalene, a small pretentious pub/inn near the center of town.

0900 Saturday, 7th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Upon awaking at his camp outside town, Hrothgar realizes there's a huge camp of dignitaries, soldiers, and camp followers who seem to be in service to a stone giant Duke. There is upset in the town as the Duke did not announce his coming and now preparations need to be made for moving events outside the city walls so that he may attend. Hrothgar continues his search for the tiger he's heard about.

Brimbor participates in the stone throw and gets 2nd place, just behind an enormous dwarf prince. Mildly impressed with his performance, a well known athlete and warrior named Azame approaches Brimbor and introduces herself. She'd appreciate it if Brimbor could let her know what he'll be participating in so she can compete against him.


XP Awards

Hrothgar +800 xp

Brimbor +800 xp




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