Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Eleventh Session

1800 Friday, 13th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Wrothgar and Brimbor clear out Dassik's shop of squatters and were given a sword with magic properties.

2000 Friday, 13th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Visited the castle's necromancer to see if he could identify the sword, they don't have enough money so they run an errand for him.

1000 Sunday, 15th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Brimbor gets his custom sword he had commissioned and fights in a melee event. That night he also participates in some basement brawls.


XP Awards

Brimbor +750 xp

Hrothgar +750 xp


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