Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

First Session

It's late summer, and you've been hunting ogre slaving parties in the Nornish mountains for a couple months now. This is a large effort led by the Razgauth and aided by several dozen mercenaries and professionals-for-hire. All skillsets are welcome, long as you're good at it. Things are finally coming to a close and while some have left the area already, many are now relaxing at a feast in Gillarche on the Razgauth's dime… that's the last thing you remember.

0300 Saturday, 7th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

The mercenaries Brimbor, Pocket, and Hrothgar awake naked tied to posts near an ogre camp in the woods. Some strange creature no one recognizes seems to be directing them. They recover some of their gear from the camp, plus a map and journal in an alien language. They manage to escape.

0530 Saturday, 7th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

The party arrives back in Gillarche to find the town in ruins, attacked by ogres in the night. They talk to Arlin, a Razgauthen ranger. He offers them fifty gold in barter if they can confirm that there are ogre camps at the other spots on the map they found. They agree and spend the rest of the day and that night resting.

0900 Sunday, 8th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

The party leaves Gillarche for the nearest supposed camp as indicated by the map.

1300 Sunday, 8th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

The party arrives at the camp and announces their presence in an open challenge to the ogres. No ogres are slain and Brimbor nearly dies, but they manage to free the slaves at the camp and flee back to Gillarche. They have make a new friendly acquaintance, a berserker named Hilde. She was among the slaves freed and helped them fight ogres at the camp.

1700 Sunday, 8th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Brimbor and Pocket arrive back in Gillarche. Hilde and Hrothgar are rounding up panicked escapees.

2100 Sunday, 8th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Hilde and Hrothgar arrive back in Gillarche with about two dozen freed slaves.


XP Awards

Brimbor +115 xp

Pocket +115 xp

Hrothgar +115 xp



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