Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Fourth Session

1700 Sunday, 22nd day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Wrothgar makes it to Narvi and heads down to the docks with Brimbor to see what's going on.

2200 Sunday, 22nd day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Arrival at the docks and discussion with the captain and crew of Skybreaker. The situation is, a pirate/outlaw has snuck onboard, grabbed the captain's 8 year old son, and locked herself and the boy in the captain's quarters. She is asking that the boat be handed over and only then will she release the kid. The captain obviously cares about the boy but he needs someone to handle this so they can keep the ship.

The plan they hatch is Brimbor busts through the fore-facing windows on the captains quarters and Hrothgar who is already positioned in the room, wild-shaped into a spider, will get between the boy and the outlaw so that the kid can escape. Plan more or less goes off without a hitch.

2245 Sunday, 22nd day of Late Summer, Year 68089

In a little beachside shack of a bar, Brimbor and Hrothgar are getting a drink when they are approached by a representative of a so-called Killer's Guild that is interested in taking Brimbor as an apprentice due to his apparent murder of a random stranger while blackout drunk. The alternative of course is being taken to prison for murder. Brimbor runs and gets a dagger in his back for it, Hrothgar lights the bar on fire, and they both get out of town.

0045 Saturday, 28th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Brimbor and Hrothgar arrive in Anirikova and rest. Later in the day, they explore a bit, socialize, and get to know the place better.

1000 Sunday, 1st day of Early Autumn, Year 68089

Departure for Gillarche.

1000 Tuesday, 3rd day of Early Autumn, Year 68089

Arrival in Gillarche, asking around for work:

  • 4-8 copper a day for rebuilding the town; they need carpenters, loggers, masons, and blacksmiths. 
  • 100 gold a head for the alien creatures.
  • 5 gold a head for ogres.
  • There's a dwarven hold, "Gatalron", on an island just off the coast to the east that hasn't been heard from in quite some time. Not uncommon at all with dwarves, but Arlin figures they might be interested in helping with the rebuild effort in exchange for all the lumber they can carry. He's paying 150 gold to whomever can broker that deal.
  • In the Mizova region to the west, a few towns are already making preparations for the Mid-Autumn feasts and games. Where there's seasonal games, there's always work.
  • Far to the south in Nidavagar, they'll need all the muscle they can get as there's always an uptick in southern barbarian assaults along the border before winter makes such efforts impossible.



XP Awards

Brimbor +300 xp

Hrothgar +300 xp


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