Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Second Session

2100 Sunday, 8th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Resting in Gillarche. The town needs all the help it can get rebuilding, the Razgauth are offering 100 gold per alien creature (as yet unnamed), and also are paying 280 gold to anyone who can take word to Narvi of what's going on to get reinforcements.

The party has been to 2/12 slaver camps. They take the job of delivering the message to Narvi and decide to hit the two slaver camps that are on the way. Narvi is 8 days travel north from Gillarche. 

1000 Monday, 9th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Hrothgar and Brimbor head out on their trip.

1500 Monday, 9th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

They reach the first of two camps on the way to Narvi. They attempt to sneak up, but something detects Hrothgar and attempts mind-fuckery on him. There is some fighting with gnolls and Brimbor and Hrothgar are defeated. The gnolls seem oddly orderly, clean, and tactical. 

1800 Monday, 9th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

They wake up bound shoulder to ankle by the campfire in the camp. They play along and use the opportunity to get some rest.

2100 Monday, 9th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

They are offered some food. Brimbor speaks briefly with one of the gnolls after seeing it converse with one of the weird alien things. Seems like they're planning on selling them as slaves somewhere near Nidavagar.

0300 Tuesday, 10th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

The party has had a full rest by now over the course of intermittent napping.

0600 Tuesday, 10th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

A human woman arrives in camp, speaks with the gnolls and the alien creature, then with Hrothgar and Brimbor. She introduces herself as Valiya and she's apparently a slaver. She buys the characters from the alien, along with their gear and sets out south for Nidavagar.

1300 Tuesday, 10th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Valiya stops in Gillarche in the way and goes into town to speak with a contact of hers briefly, securing the characters outside of town. In the few minutes she is gone, Brimbor busts out of his binds with his giant strength and gets Hrothgar and the cart untied as well. As they are heading into town with the cart , Valiya is coming out the gate and looks to be about to attack. Hrothgar charms her with magic, and they head into town together as "friends".

Valiya goes to look for an inn while the duo goes to talk to Arlin about what's happened. They formulate a plan to arrest her as a slaver and lead her into Arlin's grasp.

They head out again for Narvi, now with no intention of checking out the camps.

1300 Wednesday, 11th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

The party progresses 1 day into their 8 day travel to Narvi.

1300 Thursday, 12th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

With Hrothgar's excellent wilderness skills they discover a shortcut which moves them along an extra day on the way to Narvi. They are 3/8s of the way there, and stop in the lumber town of Anirikova. The shortcut they found can be used to travel from Gillarche to Anirikova in 2 days rather than 3, and has been dubbed Lamliru Onriltol (literally Rockfucker's Backdoor, but Onriltol means an exit from a mountain pass so it's a bit of a pun).

Hrothgar's ring has attuned and he discovers it to have the following benefits:

  • The bearer has advantage on saving throws vs. fear.
  • The bearer may spend an action removing all the failed death saving throws from a target within 5 feet of them. The target is still not stabilized.


XP Awards

Brimbor +250 xp

Hrothgar +250 xp


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