Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Third Session

1300 Thursday, 12th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Hrothgar has business to attend to in Anirikova, so Brimbor waits for Pocket to arrive before continuing to Narvi.

1000 Friday, 13th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Pocket and Brimbor depart for Narvi. Hrothgar will catch up later.

2100 Thursday, 19th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Arrival in Narvi after six days in the wilderness (should have been five if not for poor navigation). Brimbor and Pocket socialize and try to get directions to the Razgauthen captain they're looking to find. They rest for the night at Szabi's inn, the Triple Branch.

2200 Friday, 20th day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Pocket and Brimbor find the Razgauthen camp near the center of town at the base of the dockside lighthouse [[Arbanthir Kurol]]. They speak with Arville the Razgauthen captain and get paid. In their small talk about the city, Pocket asks about siege weaponry and the captain mentions  Rodj Rasmusson, a dwarf master craftsman near the city center.

After getting paid, Brimbor and Pocket spend a few days carousing, getting to know this massive sprawl a little better, and waiting for Hrothgar to catch up with them.

1700 Sunday, 22nd day of Late Summer, Year 68089

Brimbor is approached with a job offer to help with a hostage situation down at the docks on Skybreaker, a small merchant vessel from Solio. They're offering 120 gold for safe rescue of the ship captain's son.



XP Awards

Brimbor +400 xp

Pocket +400 xp


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