Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Twelfth Session

0800 Monday, 16th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Hrothgar and Brimbor visit the giant king Rastvyllo's camp to try and get an audience and/or work. No audience is granted, but they are hired to track down a trade caravan which should've showed up by now and has goods and supplies the camp needs for their return home after the festival. 1800 gp if they return with the caravan's supplies before the 28th, 500 gp for news about the caravan but no supplies.

1400 Thursday, 19th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Spot peculiar claw marks along trail; clean and smooth gouges from stone, no cracking or chipping.

1800 Thursday, 19th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Follow claw tracks back to caravan. Caravan has been shredded to pieces, including its inhabitants. Only things that have been taken is all the metal, down to the nails in the wagon. Hrothgar sends a bird with a message to the giant king's camp with details of the scene and their location. H&B work to pile up what supplies they can to make packing easier when people arrive.

1400 Sunday, 22nd day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Convoy from Rastvyllo's camp arrives, collects supplies and H&B head back with them.

2000 Wednesday, 25th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Arrival in Helbald, get paid 1750 gp total. H&B carouse.

1500 Thursday, 26th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Head out on journey to the midland city of Erlenbruck with their friends in the Vth'Otha mercenary company.


XP Awards

Brimbor +1300 xp

Hrothgar +1300 xp


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