Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Ninth Session

2000 Saturday, 7th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Pocket does street performance and Brimbor carouses.

1100 Sunday, 8th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Hrothgar continues his search for the tiger, Pocket busks with his bagpipes, and Brimbor participates in the caber toss where he does very well, but doesn't place. Brimbor and Pocket spend the night carousing.

1000 Monday, 9th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Brimbor awakes in some woods near town holding a bear cub and is chased off by its mother. Pocket continues busking, Hrothgar finally tracks down the tiger, and Brimbor gets 2nd place in a stone bowling event. The tiger Hrothgar's been searching for is in one of three tents being guarded by well-equipped mercenaries.

Some of  Azame's mercenaries invite Brimbor to their night of festivities in the cellar of Zbola's Hole, a small pub near the center of town. The party goes, Brimbor carouses, and Pocket fights a dwarf mercenary and loses. Pocket gets a job offer from a halfling named Miro who wants him to infiltrate a group of magic users who have been politicking in town and trying to gain a foothold here. He'll pay 150 gp for identities of the group's members as well as the location of their operations. 

1100 Tuesday, 10th day of Mid Autumn, Year 68089

Hrothgar narrows down which tent the tiger is in, identifies the mercenaries as Razgauthen, and scouts out their camp wild-shaped as a spider. Pocket continues busking and Brimbor participates in the Series Stone Lift, where he gets 3rd place. Pocket also begins investigating, looking for leads on the wizard cabal but doesn't find anything promising yet.


XP Awards

Brimbor +860 xp

Hrothgar +860 xp

Pocket +860 xp


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