Population. ~1,400 humans

Goods. Staple food and drink, vodka, clothing, tools, leather armor, scale mail, ring mail, melee weapons, common gear, dogs, equine beasts, lumber, and some exotic hardwoods. 

Services. Tailors, blacksmith, shoemakers, carpenters, cobblers, scrimshaw, barbers, bed partners, mead hall (with distillery), inn, bath-house, healer, tattooist, mercenaries.

Governance. Oligarchy; five noble families.

Stats. STR 12, DEX 9, CON 7, INT 3, WIS 11, CHA 10. 

Gillarche is a small lumber town just over a week's ride from Narvi. It's notable for its mead hall owned by an old veteran named Jaren. It recently experienced a raid from a band of ogres 

Currently, there is a mercenary camp in Gillarche comprised of 15-20 mercenaries and four Razgauthen. 


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