Character Generation

Determine Ability Scores

This campaign uses a point buy variant. STR, DEX, INT, WIS, and CHA have a base of 8, while CON has a base of 10. Iodi can be a rough place to live, and it breeds hardy people. You have 25 points to spend on improving your ability scores. Use the ability score costs as listed on pg. 13 of the PHB. If you use the 5e SRD site, be sure to note that they use a slight variant and account for it.

Choose a Race

Check out the Races for the setting, and choose one.

Choose a Class

Check out the house errata on Classes, and choose one. You start at level one.

Describe Your Character

Choose ideals, bonds, and flaws as you desire and make note of them.

Check out the house errata on backgrounds for new backgrounds available to you. Pick a new or existing one, and note it.

Alignment is handled very differently in Calithi. The vast majority of people are unaligned, and it is recommended that you be unaligned as well unless you have a good reason not to be. Alignments are more cosmic in this setting than a matter of personality… you can be evil without being Evil. The alignments you can choose from are Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil. If you're a cleric, warlock, or some other character tied to a cosmic power somehow, it makes more sense to be aligned but it is still recommended you only pick one rather than two.

Choose Equipment

Instead of using packages, you get your equipment a la carte. You have a hundred gold to spend plus the combined value of all the equipment your background would have given you.

Check out the house errata for the Iodian market.

Exposition and Connection

It's late summer, and you've been hunting Ogre slaving parties in the Nornish mountains for a couple months now. This is a large effort led by the Razgauth and aided by several dozen mercenaries and professionals-for-hire. All skillsets are welcome, long as you're good at it. Things are finally coming to a close and while some have left the area already, many are now relaxing at a feast in Gillarche on the Razgauth's dime. 


Character Generation

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