Languages use a rating system from 1 to 6. Your race provides your starting languages. If you start with languages from your background or class, you get them at rating 2. If class features, feats, or any other abilities grant you languages after you've started play, you may either get a new language at rating 1 or improve a language you already know by one rating. You cannot learn to write in a language without knowing how to read it.

Rating 1. You either read or speak the language, and poorly. Basic ideas are conveyed, anything more complex has potential for misunderstanding.

Rating 2. You either read and write or read and speak the language, fairly functionally. You can easily get by at this rating. More complex subjects might require some dancing around linguistically and it's obvious you're not fluent, but misunderstanding is very unlikely.

Rating 3-5. You read, write, and speak the language. This is non-native fluency; you may still have an accent but are able to converse at a high level easily.

Rating 6. Native fluency. You can generally pass as a native speaker of the language to other native speakers.


Coastal Iodian. Spoken by the peoples of Iodi's largely rural coast. There are regional dialects of it, including Narvi Trade Tongue, but as with all dialects, speakers of a dialect can converse relatively with speakers of other dialects in the same language. It uses Roviic script.

Midland Iodian. Spoken by the people's of Iodi's northern and central valleys, tundra, and forests. It uses Roviic script.

Southern Iodian. Spoken mostly by the people of Ael Gilliurst and surrounding settlements, this is the only modern Iodian language that even vaguely resembles Ancient Iodian. With the control that Aarne Iodi holds over the midlands, many citizens there are more familiar with it than they have historically been as that's the language of his horde. It uses Roviic script.

Voken. Spoken almost exclusively by the Teras Vin, this is a secret language. If you chose the Sage background, you may choose this as one of your bonus languages (assuming your character spent some time with the Teras Vin, that is). It is the mother language of all other Iodian languages, but they bear little resemblance to it. It uses it's own script, O (pronounced "oh"). More commonly referred to as "boxes and dots" or "nonsense".

Ethereal. Spoken only by the elves of the Seelie and Unseelie courts, this is a secret language. It uses Ethereal script.

Sylvan. Spoken by centaurs, satyrs, most druids, sylvan elves, and other fey material creatures. It uses Sylvan script.

Dwarvish. There are thousands of dialects in Dwarvish, as each hold tends to insulate from other holds and develop its own idiosyncrasies. They all use Dwarvish cuneiform. Dwarvish cuneiform is nearly identical to Leviic runes, the script of Giants… dwarves claim Leviic is derivative of Dwarvish. Giants claim the opposite.

Halfling. Halfling is only spoken, not written. When halflings have to write for other halflings, they bastardize another language's script and write phonetically. Ratings in halfling still convey fluency.

Giant. Spoken by giants and giant-kin like ogres, ettins, and anakim. Referred to properly as Leviic, it seems to have a sort of memetic property. When properly inscribed by a true giant, touching these runes can convey sensations involving sight, smell, taste, etc. to the reader. Leviic runes are nearly identical to Dwarvish cuneiform, the script of Dwarves… giants claim Dwarvish is derivative of Leviic. Dwarves claim the opposite.

Druidic. Spoken only by druids, this is a secret language and uses Sylvan script.

Thieves' Cant. Used only by career criminals, this code is considered a secret language. No one is quite sure of its origin or organization as it seems to be the same everywhere despite it being a constantly changing language.


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