Population. ~250k-600k

Goods. Nearly everything (see below).

Services. Nearly everything (see below).

Governance. Oligarchy. The Padishah Kalena Iodi holds absolute power and actively exercises it, but the heads of trade companies actively govern as well.

Stats. STR 16, DEX 20, CON 7, INT 17, WIS 3, CHA 9

Narvi is largely unexplored by the party, more details will be filled in as they are uncovered.

Absolutely massive, Narvi covers over 500 square miles of mountainous coastline and can take a whole day to walk from one side to the other. Few buildings stand over one story and they all are new constructions. Narvi and its bay, The Razors, have some of the greatest geothermal activity in Iodi. The area has been unsettled for as long as it has since the magnitude of the activity is dangerous and it usually takes a demigod like the Padishahs to subdue such phenomena. Piping-hot canals flow in a network through the city and the smell of salt and sulfur permeates everything.

Nearly any conceivable good or service can be found somewhere in Narvi, including goods from other regions of the world. As Narvi is the only port available to foreigners and Iodi has been a historically closed nation, there has been an astounding explosion in trade in the past couple decades under Kalena's rule. 

Natives can come and go freely (although the high taxes for non-residents can make long stays difficult), but non-Iodians have three days to do their business before they must leave (including time spent in Iodian waters on approach and exit).