Distant Horizons of Lands Long Forgotten and Tales Untold

Fifth Session

1000 Tuesday, 3rd day of Early Autumn, Year 68089

Pocket, Brimbor, and Hrothgar decide to head to the Mizova region to find work with the seasonal games. Looks like the small town of Helbald is their best bet, 21 days' travel to the west. If they're lucky they might manage to hit a few villages on the way.

1000 Thursday, 5th day of Early Autumn, Year 68089

2/21 days till Helbald. Encounter some halflings and wolves.

1000 Saturday, 7th day of Early Autumn, Year 68089

4/21 days till Helbald. Ambushed by the halflings and wolves they encountered earlier.

1000 Wednesday, 11th day of Early Autumn, Year 68089

8/21 days till Helbald. Arrive in the small hamlet of Kolkha. Seems like a relatively sedate logging hamlet with some orchards, run by a mercenary party that has settled down here, large feasting hall for such a small settlement. Brimbor agrees to an eating contest with a massive man named Jara.


XP Awards

Brimbor +250 xp

Hrothgar +250 xp

Pocket +250 xp


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