Calithi, World of Secrets

Grasp of Metal

He who grasps the nettle deserves the sting.

After many attempts to push deeper into the lair of the metal menace, The Group determined after several close calls that this fight was too much for them. Upon returning to the attack site, they discovered that camp had been set up by militia and mercenary forces as well as some of Caleb Iodi’s forces. They spoke with the security force that hired them and though they unfortunately couldn’t get the other half of the 4 thousand gold they were informed that a militia group would be leaving for Ironvale, a mining town situated a few days ride from camp, in a two days. Apparently, scouts had good intel that there would be an attack on Ironvale in about a week (possibly sooner), and that the group was looking for as much help as they could get. After some well-deserved healing at the hands of priest(esses)s of Iodi, and a couple nights’ rest, they headed for Ironvale with the militia force. The militia force was 35 warriors strong and led by Avi Naerel, an elven Razgauthen archer.

Upon arriving at Ironvale, the defense force split up into two groups of ten at each end of town to man the barricades, and 15 setting up a perimeter. The Group picked a spot southwest of town at the edge of the foothills bordering town and managed to convince a member of Avi’s scouting team, a woman called Mira who would prove herself to be an expert archer in the coming fight, to aid in securing the southwestern post. A little over a day later, Ironvale saw battle. The southwestern post held by The Group was hit by particularly fast specimens, moving about 100 yards in seconds. These dull-red metal six-legged versions sliced at them with bladed pincers and several times The Group came close to death, but with the healing expertise of Kra, they managed to survive and keep the southwestern wave from breaching their position. Throughout the battle, arcs of purple lightning streaked across the town behind them.

After the battle, The Group returned to town to inspect the damage and investigate the source of the lightning. A few buildings were on fire, and wounded soldiers littered the streets, but for the most part it appeared as though the town and its resources were saved. Upon discovering a unique looking version of these mechanical beasts, Avi approached The Group with an interesting object. It was a metal disk retrieved from the unique specimen, and appeared to be etched with a map of Iodi, with certain locations marked and a small red gem marking what Avi believes to be a central location for these creatures. Tavia recognized the metal of the unique creature’s shell to adamantine, and Dolgrin identified a metal rod on its back as a rod of lightning bolt.

Avi suggested that The Group travel to this location, using any horses they need from the stables, and investigate the site. Avi’s scouts have reported that there are many more attacks expected at Ironvale, and he can’t spare any more people to go on such an independent and aggressive mission. The Group decided to leave Ironvale to see about attacking these infernal creatures at their heart. The journey will take at least a couple weeks on horseback and the way is dangerous, but the cause is worthy and necessary. Plus, the 3 thousand (at least) gold Avi promised them upon their success doesn’t hurt either.


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