Calithi, World of Secrets

Nas Venar

Once more unto the breach.

Two days out of Leaheath, The Group finally arrives at the mines of Nas Venar, but not after slaying a handful of kobolds and their lizardfolk leader who picked the wrong adventurers to ambush. Upon arriving at the ruins, the party became aware they were being followed and promptly confronted the not-so-stealthy stalker. The grey-robed man introduced himself as Apak, a priest from Hawkcrest. He was sent here with a map, to investigate these ruins. Apparently Hawkcrest has been under attack by the Clockwork Horrors as well, as Apak was lending his aid to the militia forces there before setting out on this more specialized mission.

After locating the entrance to the ruins proper, they were quickly set upon by Clockwork Horrors. To their dismay, a large black Horror like the one at Ironvale was commanding them, supporting the lesser Horrors with great blasts of purple lightning and other exotic magical effects. As the Horrors surged up the steps to assault the group, Apak informed the group that they were weak at their forehead gems, and to focus any hits on them. Near the beginning of the fight, the gnome Tavia disappeared mysteriously, much to the confusion of The Group. As the last of the Horrors were slain however, and their commander came up the steps to meet them head on, it promptly collapsed. The Group later discovered that their companion Tavia had vanished from sight and snuck into the ruins, brutally slaying the wizard inside. Apparently, an artificial arm the wizard was wearing was controlling the Horrors and upon his rather quick but messy death the Horrors ceased to function. After a quick gathering of a few interesting items from the wizard’s study, including some very technical but interesting tomes, the party made camp at the ruins entrance while a couple of them headed to Leaheath for supplies.

During their companions’ trip to town, a kobold herald approached The Group’s camp. This unarmed and eloquent (for a kobold) lizard came extolling the virtues of their leader Meshega, a hobgoblin of apparently grand capabilities. The kobold explained that this Meshega fellow was nothing short of a messiah, and had created peace between the warring kobold clans, uniting them to conquer the whole of the Monjol Range. According to this herald, who goes by the name Duke, Meshega will control the entirety of the Monjol range, driving out or slaying all the hobgoblin raiders within and bringing the kobolds to be the local power. Duke says that Meshega has noticed their skills over the past few weeks and would like to speak with them personally. Rather ominously, Duke also reveals his “scouting party” of a few hundred kobolds that somehow managed to evade detection and surround The Group’s camp. The Group says they will wait for their companions to return before they make a final decision, and when the rest of their companions return from town to discover a kobold flagbearer in their camp, they determine that Meshega’s camp being on the way to Ironvale they have nothing to lose by paying him a visit.

Can he be all that the kobolds claim him to be?


seanbyram seanbyram

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