Calithi, World of Secrets

The Path Most Traveled

Violence begets violence.

With a map marking what seems to be the central location of these Clockwork Horrors, The Group sets out for a journey along the Monjol Range towards the Ruins of Nas Venar. These ruins are some of the oldest in Iodi, held by the elves of a long gone era. Passing out of the memories of the living, this once grand complex has turned into a mine. Many minerals can be found here, but what the mine is known for is it’s abundance of Adenite, a rare metal with strange properties.

The trip takes The Group about three weeks to complete, and it isn’t an easy three weeks. They are beset on all sides by kobolds, hobgoblins, sites of grizzly carnage, mass graves, and they receive the hospitality of the most unlikely folks. There is something going on in the Monjol Range, and The Group can’t seem get their heads around what exactly it is. What they do know is, they’re in the middle of something bigger than them, and they’ll be lucky to get out alive.


Unfortunately, two of their number are not so lucky. Taken down by a single crazed hobgoblin archer, Dolgrin and Julian fall to death’s call, receiving nothing but a proper burial and a few kind words from friends forged in battle. Really, that’s all any adventurer can ask for in these times. The Group slogs forward, set to complete the mission they’ve been assigned no matter the danger.

Stopping in the small hamlet of Leaheath, The Group restocks on supplies and meets up with the dwarf Enumgal, the Razgauthen leading the militia here. Leaheath has been under pressure from the Clockwork Horrors as well, and Enumgal recognizes the The Group from a letter he received by hawk from Avi in Ironvale. He sympathizes with the plight of this valiant team of adventurers and spares two of his more battle wearied sentries for the party, an elf ranger and a halfling summoner. Their more specialized skills will be of more use on a team like this anyway.

And so with little ado The Group sets out again on the road, just days away from the ancient mines of Nas Venar, the supposed HQ of these mechanical monsters.


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