Population. ~12,000 dwarves

Imports. Mithril, leather, alchemical products, fruits, meat, dairy, eggs.

Exports. Precious metals, gems, marble, various hardwoods, skilled laborers and soldiers, blue salt.

Governance. Military.

Stats. STR 20, DEX 15, CON 6, INT 4, WIS 8, CHA 16. 

Dakaszefon ("Colorfountain") is one of the most southerly holds, deep into giant territory, right on the edge of Iodi's southern border. It's one of the most mineral-rich holds and exports several precious metals out to other holds. It's a heavily militarized hold even by dwarven standards. 

The hold is just a few hundred years old but has grown significantly. It is led by its military commander, Agha Nelzur Romlatilat.


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