Places in Iodi

Main Cities


  • Ruled by Thraxis Iodi
  • Port city
  • Isolationist even for Iodi
  • Small, minimalist
  • Thraxis is rarely there
  • Coastal mountains


  • Ruled by Kalena Iodi
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Port city
  • Highly developed
  • Coastal forest


  • Ruled by Vanis Iodi
  • Most of population are in outlying settlements
  • Has a library
  • Small
  • Open city
  • Plains


  • Ruled by Norin Iodi
  • Home of the Iodian Archives
  • Loosely governed
  • Strong entertainment market
  • Dense forest


  • Ruled by Caleb Iodi
  • Strong church presence
  • Loose military
  • Plains


  • Ruled by Antoin Iodi
  • Heavy mercenary presence
  • Open city
  • Strong military
  • High resources
  • Very dense forest


  • Ruled by Captain LeVair
  • Strong market
  • Trade town
  • Constantly changing population
  • Mountainous


  • Ruled by Colonel Trent Hidol
  • Militia town
  • Heavy Razgauthen presence.
  • Mountain peak


  • Ruled by Mining Coalition
  • Mining town
  • High kobold threat
  • Mountainous, valley


  • Independent Rule, Elected Representative
  • Massive hub of trade
  • Strong market
  • High craftsman population
  • Mountaious
  • The Group gets free room and board at The Salty Stone.


  • Ruled by Razgauthen
  • Razgauthen HQ
  • Outside trade checkpoint
  • Heavy merc presence


This military academy is where the Visrith Mar train anyone who can keep up with them. The Visrith Dragoons, hippogriff riding rangers, are a product of this academy. The Visrith Mar also train themselves here but in secret.

Roughly translatable to “Elderburnt” from Dwarven, this mountain hall of Dwarven learning and education is one of the oldest and largest structures in Iodi, built by the first Dwarves. Non-dwarves do study here, but it is somewhat uncommon. Dwarf or not, studying here is a privilege, and it is one of the few places in Iodi one could learn the arcane arts.

Named after the ancient and massive tree that grew out of the buried remains of it’s draconic namesake (and therefore also the name of the dragon’s lair, the mountain), this elven academy is a center of mystical and martial learning. It has an open and collegiate atmosphere, but physically getting to it can be a challenge even for the persistent. Lindathix is the tallest mountain in Iodi, at around 45 miles high.

Places in Iodi

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