Cloudroot is the first line of defense for Iodi, and the Razgauthen are its intentions personified. They defend Iodi from all foreign presence, and are the best at what they do. No matter what their personal moral or ethical leanings are, they are completely loyal to their land and goddess. They are picked from the most hardened of veterans, and often employ a wide range of abilities.

-Native of Iodi
-Deity: Iodi
-Ability to cast 1st level divine spells
-5 BAB, or ability to cast 3rd level spells
-5 ranks in Survival and Perception
-Feats: Diehard, Combat Reflexes

BAB: good
HD: d12
FORT: good REFL: poor WILL: good
Skills: 2 + INT mod
Class Skills: Climb, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion), Perception, Swim, Survival, and Spellcraft

1.)Resilient, Divine Ties, Fearless, Darkvision, 1 level spellcasting
2.)Stunt, Hunter (
2), Intruder Sense
3.)Keen Senses, 1 level spellcasting
4.)Battle Cunning, Hunter (
5.)Stunt, 1 level spellcasting
6.)Hunter (
6), 1 level spellcasting
7.)Line Defense, Onslaught
8.)Stunt, Hunter (
8), 1 level spellcasting
9.)Hold This Ground
10.)Divine Eye, Persistence, Hunter (

A Razgauthen does not take any penalties for being at 0 hit points or less. The amount of health at which they die is decreased by their character level.

Divine Ties
A Razgauthen’s life force and sheer existence is tied to the land and spirit of Iodi. If a Razgauthen leaves Iodi for any reason he or she is completely destroyed without a trace. Mind, body, soul, and any equipment will be irrevocably gone. Not even divine intervention can stop this enchantment.

At 1st level, a Razgauthen becomes immune to fear effects.

At 1st level, a Razgauthen gains the ability to see in any level of illumination, even in magical darkness.

At levels 2, 5, and 8, a Razgauthen chooses one of the following abilities. One ability can be chosen more than once, and their effects stack.
*Rage: Gain the rage class ability or improve the existing ability by 6 rounds.
*Channel Energy: Gain the channel energy (1d10) class ability or improve the existing ability by either 2 uses or 1d10.
*Sneak Attack: Gain the sneak attack class ability or improve the existing ability by 1d6 damage.
*Smite: Gain the smite (non-native) class ability or improve the existing ability by one use.

At 2nd level, and every 2 levels after, a Razgauthen gets a cumulative +2 bonus to attacks, damage, AC, saves, and opposed skill checks against non-Iodians.

Intruder Sense
When a non-native to Iodi enters Iodi, a Razgauthen of 2nd level can detect their presence. This is only a general direction, and once the intruder is within 300 feet of the Razgauthen, all they will know is that the individual is close. A sleeping Razgauthen may choose to wake up immediately when this effect is triggered, but it does not otherwise interrupt sleep.

Keen Senses
A 3rd level Razgauthen is never flat footed, and is never flanked.

Battle Cunning
At 4th level, a Razgauthen does not provoke AoO as long as they move under or equal to their base speed.

Line Defense
At 7th level, a razgauthen can provide +4 to AC using aid another instead of +2.

At 7th level, a razgauthen can make additional AoO equal to their WIS modifier. Can make AoO with ranged weapons, and the area they threaten with a ranged weapon is equal to its range increment.

Hold This Ground
At 9th level, a Razgauthen may enter a defensive stance which they will stay in until they move from their spot. If they are prone when they enter it, they may not move from the position, and the opposite is true for a standing Razgauthen. While in this stance, enemies provoke AoO for every individual space they move through. The Razgauthen uses their full attack bonus for any AoO made while in this stance.

Divine Eye
At 10th level, a Razgauthen can determine whether or not an object or creature is of Iodian origin. This is done as a free action, and the razgauthen must be able to see the object or creature.

At 10th level, a Razgauthen cannot die from damage when adjacent to a Razgauthen with this ability who has above 0 hit points. They still track their hit points normally.


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